Study Masters with Internship

Study for a Master’s Degree while also doing an Internship

A Master’s degree is the first step forward into an area of specialisation. Not only does it allow you to streamline your focus, but also allows you develop relevant skills in order to formulate an area of expertise. The idea of doing an internship alongside your Master’s Program is a potential opportunity for growth beyond the structures of a university education. 

An internship would ideally involve a series of short term assignments directly related to the degree you’re enrolled in. In addition to being a great reflection of your dedication on your CV, it provides you with an exposure into real world operations revolving around your area of interest.

Internships may or may not include a stipend, but will definitely allow you to gain a competitive edge. They also allow you to make connections with leaders in your industry of choice, making it easier for you to approach a wider range of potential employers towards the end of your degree, thereby increasing your job prospects. 

Internships can be done alongside classes if your course allows. What’s more common however, are internships undertaken during the summer and winter vacations. Many organisations may choose to design internship opportunities specifically for these periods, allowing more and more students to benefit from these opportunities.

It is important to balance a sense of being selective and a sense of being open to new experiences while choosing an internship to apply to. An internship may also be viewed as an opportunity to explore prospective career paths you may not be as aware of. 

With all its ways to add value to your career prospects, doing an internship during your time as a Master’s student is a highly recommended idea, as it helps build clarity towards your future goals while also allowing you to gain experience in the field you want to enter – both factors being equally important in helping you excel in your career.

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