Study Bachelors with Internships

When students finish their higher school, the are fascinated for the next step, i.e., university life. Once a student enrols in a college, that is the time when one can learn the most. This is one of the most special phases of one’s life. One gains countless experiences of friendships, participating in extra-curricular activities and following one’s own beat. But the best one can make of this phase is life is when one connects it with the future.

For, whatever the outcome of the graduate programme is, it makes the path clearer for the future. Most of the students become clear at this point, on what they want to pursue in their lives. While there is the room for experimentation still open. That is exactly where the opportunity of taking up internships come into picture. An internship not only equips a student to be better, but also make a difference to the organisation one is working for. It can be a professional working space, where one gets into the feel of the corporate or social work culture. It could be in an NGO as well.

How to apply for internships?

One can apply for internships through personal references of family, friends, relatives or teachers; or through college placement cells too. If that doesn’t come of help, then one can use online portals for internships. Follow the social media pages of organisations you want to work for as an intern, and send them your application. Sending an e-mail would be much appreciated, as there are more chances of a reply. You can side by side build your LinkedIn profile as you enter the professional world.

Study Bachelors with internships side by side as it is a great way of learning new skills. These skills can be of immense use later. Even when one applies for a job, the experience of internships increase the value of an applicant.

Learn more about building your profile, and how internships can help you while applying for Masters programmes. Connect with the best career counsellors in Delhi to learn more about about it.

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