Social Work

“There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life.”

This holds truth for all social workers who, while working for underprivileged and helping poor people, derive the kind of joy and happiness that can never be explained. Over the period of time Social Work has evolved into a profession with great career prospects. As the world is fast becoming increasingly materialistic, devoid of human sentiments and emotions, with people growing more and more self-centered, yet another global trend is becoming distinctly evident-the urge of the young lot who want to do something for the welfare of the society.

Social work promotes social change, problem solving in human relationships and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance their independence and happiness. With the growing number of issues of disability, drug misuse, poverty, mental ill health, lack education to poor children and women, and problems associated with aging etc rising constantly, social work has become vital need of our society today.

A qualified social worker can work in the following domains:

  • Specialists in medical aid and psychiatric social work can make a career in hospitals, clinics, counseling centers, mental hospitals, old age homes and similar institutions.
  • Specialists SW professional in the specialized field of criminology can opt for a career in prisons, correction cells and similar institutions.
  • Those with specialized knowledge in labor welfare segment can work as labor welfare representatives in the private and corporate sector including MNCs and HR department of various labour-centric industries.
  • Job opportunities are also available with NGOs working for the development of rural health and sanitation facilities. Here, a SW professional can work as community welfare specialist.
  • Getting into academics and teaching to masses about the utility of SW is another option available to professionals associated with this field.
    Lastly, premier international organizations like WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF and other international organizations with similar goals targeted at developing nations, require social workers in their developmental campaigns and projects. These organizations also pay well.
  • B.S.W / B.A (SW), B.A Sociology. Duration: 3years; Eligibility: candidates who have passed the XIIth standard can apply for this course.
  • M.S.W / M.A (SW), Duration: 2 years; Eligibility: candidates who have completed graduation in any subject can apply but graduates having sociology or social sciences as their subjects are preferred.
  • M.Phil, Eligibility: candidates who have completed M.S.W can apply for this course
  • Ph.D, Eligibility: candidates with a M.S.W or M.Phil degree can pursue a doctorate in social work.
  • Patience
  • High Emotional Quotient
  • The Ability To Work In Difficult Conditions For Long Hours
  • Dedication
  • Concern For People’s Welfare
  • Empathetic
  • Active Listener
  • Organisation
  • Child, Family and School Social Workers
  • Medical Social Welfare in Healthcare
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Social Worker
  • Social and Human Work Assistance
  • Research Social Worker
  • Health Educator
  • Environment Health and Awareness Worker

A fresh graduate usually starts with a salary package of Rs.20,000 per month and a post-graduate Rs.25,000 to Rs.40,000. After a few years of gaining experience, one can draw a salary around Rs.60,000 to Rs.80,000 per month.

  • University Of Delhi, Delhi
  • Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  • Banglore University, Banglore
  • Ambedkar University, Delhi
  • Karnataka University, Dharwad
  • Stell Maris College, Chennai
  • Bhu, Varanasi
  • Tiss, Mumbai
  • Punjabi University Patiala
  • Amravati University, Amravati
  • Madaras Christian College, Chennai
  • University Of Michigan
  • University Of Chicago
  • University Of Columbia
  • University of Manchester
  • University Of Surrey
  • University Of Nottingham