MS/PHD Admission Counsulting

The idea of continuing education in a foreign university is one that crosses the minds of most students. There have been a large number of  recent developments in the accessibility to opportunities and their knowledge thereof. More and more students around the world are considering broadening their horizons by stepping into the world to pursue undergraduate, graduate and research degrees.

Taking the decision to pursue an MS and/or a PhD in a foreign institution is the first step to a life altering process. Foreign degrees open up avenues in specialised sectors, and help in plotting out a roadmap for entering these very sectors. These degrees allow for the world in itself to become accessible, with no corner of the world being too far a distance.

The application process for a foreign degree is an elaborate on. After choosing an area of specialisation and narrowing down on the universities that offer courses in or around that particular area, the steps that follow in the process of filling the application form include:

  • obtaining Letters of Recommendation from employers and professors, 
  • writing a strong Statement of Purpose that outlines the motive behind the interest to pursue a graduate degree, 
  • looking for and applying to appropriate scholarships, 
  • understanding Visa requirements, and more.

The application process is composed of a variety of components that can get daunting during the time of application. Moreover, each university will have different requirements and procedures pertaining to the application process.

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