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As of 2011, LinkedIn has become one of the most popular social media platform for professionals and recruiters. In today’s fast pacing IT revolutionized world, LinkedIn has become a great platform for networking and candidates can apply for jobs with a click of a button. You should view your LinkedIn profile as a resume that never sleeps. Now days 9 in 10 companies us  e LinkedIn to hire professional and most business schools and Grad Schools view the candidates LinkedIn profile before making the admissions decision. Well to make the big story short, if you don’t exist on LinkedIn, you don’t exist in the working world.


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Advantages of having a good LinkedIn Profile:


  • Get noticed by the top companies
  • It shows up at the top Google searches
  • Get connected with highly skilled experts across the globe
  • Quick updates on hot topics
  • Get endorsements
  • You’ll stay ultra – current
  • You’ll automatically stay connected
  • It’s the most trending and highly used personal branding platform


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