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In today’s world where competition is so severe, what matters the most is your experience and not the theoretical knowledge. Like it has been rightly said “you need experience to get experience”, however this seems to be the biggest problem in today’s time. It’s important that students should start getting experience and exposure at the right time, before it’s too late.

Internships help the students to know whether the career that they will be choosing in the future which will earn them their livelihood is suitable for them or not. By taking up internships in different sectors at the right age, students get to know if they are moving in the right direction or not. It might help them to find new areas where they can effectively use their present skills and learn more.

In a world where, it’s all about competition we need to make sure that we always try to have an upper hand over others by trying to get as much experience as we can. All we require to do is to use our theoretical knowledge taught in schools and colleges and use them in the real world.

Along with choosing the right career path, internships gives you the firsthand experience which will enhance your CV immensely and the dream of getting into the firms you wished for seems to become real.

At university leap we encourage the personal development of the students and help developing their professional network, which might prove beneficial for them in the future.

What we can do for you?

  • Making applications to different companies.
  • Connecting you to the HR of top companies.
  • Helping you prepare your cover letter.
  • Helping you prepare your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • Preparing you for interviews.

And looking into any other special requirement as per different companies and ensuring that you have one of the best resume in the pile of hundred more.

Some famous platforms or Internships for school and College Students:

  • AISEC International Internships
  • Youth ki Awaaz Editorial Internship
  • OYO Campus intern program
  • University Express Campuspreneur Program
  • Teach For India Internship and Campaign Leader program
  • WWF – India Internship program
  • MakeinIndia


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