Commonly known as the GMAT, the Graduate Management Admission Test, is a management aptitude test that forms an essential component of graduate admissions in business programs, or MBAs, all around the world.

Graduate Schools judge the strength of an application by analysing the GMAT score along with academic records from previous institutions as well as relevant work experience.

The GMAT is designed to assess your arithmetic, geometric and grammar skills along with an analysis of your critical thinking skills, both of which together form equal components required during real life problem solving in business organisations. 

The GMAT comprises of four sections – 

  • Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Interrogated Reasoning
  • Quantitative 
  • Verbal

The GMAT is a challenging, dynamic, skill based exam that covers and tests a diverse range of skills and abilities, allowing for a holistic assessment of aptitude. The total exam takes an approximate time of three and a half hours, with an optional break in between.

The GMAT score is valid for 5 years, and the GMAT exam can be taken a total of 8 times, with you being able to take the GMAT exam up to 5 times continuously within the same 12 month period.

The GMAT exam can only be taken at the official testing centres as the scores need to be processed and sent directly to the universities from the testing centre itself. It is best to view the official GMAT website for information regarding exam dates and availability, as well as for locating official testing centres nearby. 

The GMAT exam, both due to the importance it is given globally as well as the broad range of topics it tries to cover, can seem like a daunting part of the application process. It is best to not leave the GMAT for the last minute so as to have ample time for multiple attempts.

The secret to a good GMAT score is consistent study for a fixed period of time, which is no different than the way in which one must approach any field of study. A good score requires conscious effort, but also reaps huge rewards as it makes it possible to get into the best business schools in the world!

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