Career Counsellors in Delhi for College & School Students

Why Do College Students Need Career Counselling?

Students have a lot of decisions to make while they’re in college. These range from which courses to take up apart from their core subjects, to deciding which internships would benefit their career. Deciding what to do after college has a significant impact on your immediate future as well as long-term goals. This decision gets difficult because there are several factors that impact it, such as interests, costs, opportunities etc. You might realize while pursuing your degree that your true passion lies somewhere else, and you might decide to pursue a career in that field after college. But what if that career requires you to pursue a separate course after your graduation, something that you’re not willing to do?

The biggest difficulty students face after graduation is to directly apply for a Masters degree or to work and gain some work exposure. But no single decision is applicable to all students. Different choices are suitable for different situations and also a lot depends upon a person’s skills, interests, strengths and personality. We at University Leap will understand your needs and guide you towards the best possible route for you, keeping in mind your individuality.

University leap can help you here to ensure you make the right choice!

How we can help:

  • Help exploring your aptitudes using various career assessment tools, such as MBTI, Interest Test, Aptitude Test and helping you understand how to apply that to the marketplace.
  • Help identifying the correct careers according to your interests and talents.
  • Resume Preparation, which involves reviewing and editing you resume to get the best position of at your selected career path.
  • Help search the opt Internships and Jobs in your field of interest to enhance your practical skills.
  • Enhance networking skills to help you bag great opportunities.
  • Help selecting the correct university and specialization for your masters degree in India as well as Abroad

Our Range of Psychometric Tests for College Students:

Ideal Career Test

Commerce Career selector Test

Humanities Career Selector Test

Engineering Branch Selector Test

Skill Based Career Test

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Professional Skill index

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