For Class 9th and 10th

Career Guidance For 9TH & 10TH Students

Class 9th and 10th are the building blocks for a student’s career and the choices he makes. Things take a huge leap during this time and suddenly students have to make the most important decision that would shape their future, to choose the right stream.

The streams a student chooses post class post 10th class would greatly determine the career paths you take in the future. Many of the students realize later in life that they have made a blunder of a choice and are stuck with the options available or redo everything from the very start. So this decision becomes the most important decision of your life.

A 14 year old has the potential to learn, a will to do something and dreams for the future. We should help our youngsters to discover what they can learn best. A scientific and reliable aptitude test and personality test can be of great help in choosing the right career and the right direction and at the same time, keeping the flexibility to build a career around it.

How we will help the students :

  • An objective, face to face Counseling session with the student, to understand his/her interests, strengths, weaknesses, talents, ambitions and preferences.
  • A written Psychometric test, aptitude test, Personality test and Interest Test are conducted which helps in evaluating student’s Interest, Ability and Personality.
  • After the evaluation of the various tests, we will help the student understand the right career option for them based on their personality and interests.
  • We will not only help the student choose the right career but also discuss the subjects you should pick within each stream.
  • We also help you choose between different boards like IB, CBSE, ICSE.

Our Range of Psychometric Tests for class 9th and 10th Students:

Stream Suggestor Test

Ideal Career Test

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